personal transformation during changing times

‘You Can Not Solve A Problem From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created The Problem.’ — Albert Einstein

Techniques I work with:

  •      mind/body connection
  •      sound toning
  •      healing with color, light & sound
  •      simple, basic stretching & movement to help relax & center
  •      reconnection to the intelligence & healing power of the     human body
  •      meditation practices from all cultures around the world 
  •      yogic breathing practices; sacred breath; warrior breath;    circular breath
  •      energy work with the cells & DNA through quantum mechanics
  •      changing the past, altering time & personal history through quantum mechanics
  •      guided visualization & meditation for personal, group & Earth healing
  •      opening, healing, cleansing & balancing the chakras & physical & energetic bodies
  •      working with our guides & angels & totems
  •      shamanic practices, journeying & past life
  •      shifting consciousness
  •      the silent witness
  •      ACIM
I am a follower of the shamanic tradition of self-healing as well as using guided imagery/energy work techniques. I draw on my experience with Qi Gong, metaphysics & quantum physics. Though I am currently located in Los Angeles, California, much of the above work can be done over the phone, skype, or video conference.
The average session can last up to three hours.  Introductory session: $80. Thereafter: $60.00 thru PayPal

  • “My life equals one constant shift; never fully understanding which direction I’m being pulled. I practice yoga and mediation on my own and have always been curious about deepening my spiritual journey. It wasn’t until I experienced a guided meditation with Brad that I truly recognized my power. Just after my first session, I released blocks holding me back from fully allowing myself freedom. I understood all answers are within, and by the guidance of Brad I was able to tap into my source. It was the most enlightening experience to date; I felt lifted. Looking forward to our next encounter. — H.A.M. “
  • “As a marketing executive for a large public company, I encounter a lot of stressful situations that separate me from my inner-self.  Bradley is a true spiritual  guide. The best way that I can describe my experiences with him is that the knots of tension from life are untied after a single session.  Each session has been progressively more powerful and he is also a great person to dialogue with about life in general.  Much more powerful and effective than a therapist or counselor in my opinion, he focuses on the present.  I literally felt an internal vibration from our last session that has endured throughout the week.  The spiritual high you get from these sessions surpasses anything else I have ever felt.” — A.J.
  • …a gifted healing practitioner.  — B. K.
  • “He walks the talk like no one else I know.” — K.M.
  • “Every since meeting Bradley my life has immensely evolved.  He inspires me, educates me, and heals me.  I have grown spiritually so much in just a couple months and my life has been forever transformed.  He is such a beautiful light and cannot imagine my life without crossing paths with him.  I truly recommend allowing him to shed light into your life. ” — L.M.K.
  • “I have felt my life shift in many miraculous ways in just a matter of weeks as a result of my participation in Bradley’s guided meditations. I have opened to more self-love and have noticed that I am kinder and more loving to myself, and others have been kinder and more loving to me in return. I have also seen my friendships deepen — a priceless benefit of opening more to my expanded-self through Bradley’s guided and divinely inspired meditations.” — D. P.
  • “Bradley’s gentle, guided meditations take you right to the “heart” of the matter and offer invaluable insight and wisdom. It’s exciting to see the positive results unfold daily! Working with Bradley has taken my personal meditation rituals to a new high. — S. J.
  • “(Bradley) helped me look at the world through different eyes. He made a difference in my life. — J. H.
  • (Bradley) is a gifted and knowledgeable meditation leader.  (He has) an amazing ability to transcend to a higher level and take (his) listeners with (him).  It has been a joy and an awakening experience. Thank you for this lifelong and life-changing experience.” — S. B.
* * *
say little, love much, give all, judge not, aspire to — white eagle

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